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Search for gender equality work in the UBC

Dear members of the Union of the Baltic Cities, 

The UBC Commission on Gender Equality is looking for interesting experience on gender equality work and gender mainstreaming in the member cities. One aim of this project is to spread at least 10 examples of good practice around the Baltic Sea region. The material will be presented at the General Congress in 2009.

To assure a good quality and interesting information we need your help to find examples from the cities. In each section of the planned publication, there will be a heading "examples from UBC cities". Please let us know if your city has any good experience working in this field. Especially if you think it can help other member cities in their work. 

We would like to encourage you all to share interesting examples of best practice with all the other member cities. If you have interesting examples to share, please do send it to: 


We welcome your experiences and examples of gender equality work and appreciate the value of different perspectives. We are very grateful for any help in this matter. Hopefully we will receive many good examples which will inspire people to intensify their work with gender equality, enabling us all to move forward in these questions.

We are under a tight deadline and would be most grateful if you could send in your examples of gender equality work at the very latest May 4th 2009.

Thank you in advance. 

With kind regards,

On behalf of the Gender Commission, 

Frida Olsson Skog
Project assistant
Stadsledningskontoret|City Mayor's Office
S-901 84 UMEÅ, Sweden
Tel: +46(0)90 16 19 15
Mobil: +46(0)70 633 888 5
Fax: +46(0)90 16 23 60



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