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Gender Equality Working Group Open Meeting

March 14th, Rostock

Members of the UBC Working Group on Gender Equality would like to invite all member cities to an open meeting of the Working Group which will be held on 14 March in conjunction with the UBC Conference "Impact of the European Refugees Crisis in the Cities of the Baltic Sea Region", Rostock, 14-16 March 2016. More info about the conference at: news,2,3525.html

The Working Group has been focusing on three main areas promoting gender equality:

- Gender impact on social and urban planning

- Opposing violance against women

- Combating prostitution and human trafficking

The Group base its work on the provisions of the European Charter for Equality of Women and Men in Local Life” and since in 2016 there is an anniversary of Charter the group would like to promote it and make more cities sign it.

The Group has been active on these topics for a few years and we would like to expand and involve new members from new cities and various UBC Commissions.

The Working Group is open to new members. Politicians, officials, managers and others from member cities are welcome to join the Working Group. Both women and men are invited to join the work!

More info:

The venue and the exact time of the meeting will be announced before the conference.

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