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"Exchange for All" project report has just been launched

University College Zealand launched report on international youth-exchanges.

International school-cooperation

As a part of the EU-funded project ”Exchanges for All”, which is coordinated by CultHus, the culture-houses of Nykoebing F, Guldborgsund, DK in cooperation with schools around the South Baltic Sea, researchers from University College Zealand (UCZ) have now launched the report ”International Exchanges as a Learning Tool”.

Young people from Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden were involved in the project
Fot. UCZ

The learning outcomes in focus were:

• Foreign language speaking
• Knowledge about other countries
• Understanding of democracy and human rights
• Personal development
• Art‐based learning
• Inclusion and motivation of young people

The questionnaires were, twice, send to 150 young 8th grade students from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden and Guldborgsund in Denmark who took part in 3 parallel projects around in June last year.

Important knowledge about other countries

"First and foremost, the quantitative and qualitative research data indicate that the investigated international youth exchanges have a significant and positive impact on the students’ knowledge of other countries. This appears to be quite an essential result of an Erasmus-funded project, but, above all, it fully accords with current trends and policies on internationalization, both in general terms and specifically in educational terms” - the report states (page 4).

Requests for the report shall be emailed to project leader Bo Otterstroem, e-mail: bo@guldborgsund.dk


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