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Smart city business ecosystem by the ACCUS project

The coordinating team of the project invites to participate in the process of creating a smart city business ecosystem that is emerging around the ACCUS project. The project will create a core that constitutes a smart city – a platform that in fact will be an operating system for smart cities. The intention is not only to create technical solutions and its pilot implementation, but also a real business ecosystem consisting of both, companies and institutions form the EU, which will bring measurable profits to all of us.

Project ACCUS Consortium Agreement provides possibility of including in the project additional entities (besides project partners), referred in the consortium agreement as “ACCUS Associated Partners”. Therefore to start the process of binding potential partners, the project coordinator is launching the call for submission from companies and institutions, which in the future will create ACCUS business ecosystem.

All the interested in the initiative should follow the instruction below:

1. Please choose one of attached templates of Letter of Interests:

a) 'Letter of Interests-ACCUS-general.docx' – generic template that contains most elements to be completed, making it most accurate to express your intentions and needs;

b) 'Letter of Interests-ACCUS-company.docx' – template that contains simplified expression of interest from company;

c) 'Letter of Interests-ACCUS-institution.docx' - template that contains simplified expression of interest from entity other than company.

2. The selected template should be completed with indicated data (fields marked yellow). You can also add your own text or write your own letter (preserving the main features of the pattern).

3. The letter should be printed on company letterhead and signed.

4. A scan of the letter should be sent to the e-mail address: accus@interizon.pl

5. The original letter must be submitted to the Office of the Cluster Interizon, at the address below, before July 10th, 2015 until 12:00 (collected letters will be delivered to the project coordinator in one package).

Please include a postscript on the envelope: "Project ACCUS"
Office of the Cluster Interizon
Gdansk University of Technology
Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics
Narutowicza 11/12, 80 - 233 Gdansk

More information:

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