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71st UBC Executive Board meeting was held in Växjö

The 71st meeting of UBC Executive Board was held in Växjö on 28-30 October 2014. The major question discussed by the Board was the consolidation of the Commissions.

The UBC General Conference in Mariehamn authorized and obliged the Executive Board to decide on the new commission structure in a way, that it will enter into force on 1 January 2015. Having taken into consideration the GC resolution, Commissions’ and Member Cities’ proposals, and opportunities created for example by the EUSBSR, the Task Force appointed by the Executive Board submitted the proposal to create Commissions thematically and operationally relevant that will be viable and enjoy participation by the Member Cities. The improvement of efficiency of newly structured commissions was strongly emphasized.

The creation of the following commissions was introduced. Planning Cities working on integrated planning for sustainable, inclusive, attractive and prospering cities, work through peer review exchange. Sustainable cities dealing with environment, energy, smart urban mobility. Safe cities concerned with civil protection issues - prevention, preparedness, response, restoration. Youthful cities engaged in promoting the interests of the young people. Smart and prospering cities dealing with business development, employment, co-creation with researchers/universities, procurement policies, links between education and labour market, smart citizens and governance etc. Cultural cities working on issues linked to attractiveness, creativity, cultural heritage including maritime heritage etc. Inclusive and healthy cities engaged in smart social and health services and new solutions, social cohesion and inclusiveness, diversity, equality, healthy habits including sport etc.

The Board approved the TF proposal. Member Cities will be asked to nominate a representative to each Commission they are going to participate in during the period 2015-2017. Also their proposals about possible office holders in Commissions as well as possible specific themes to be included in the Plan of Action of the Commission will be invited. Only those Commissions which receive sufficient participation from Member Cities will be established.

Other issues discussed inter alia in Växjö: outcomes of the seminars held by the Commissions in autumn 2015, follow-up of UBC statement against trafficking of women and children, preparations to the XIII General Conference in Gdynia, development of UBC communication and marketing.

The next UBC Executive Board meeting is to be held in Kemi on 25-27 February 2015.

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