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Polish and European Championships in BBQ, Dolina Charlotty, 19-21 June 2014

Polish and European Championships in BBQ, Dolina Charlotty, 19-21 June 2014


On 19-21 June 2014 the Polish and European Championships in BBQ were held in Dolina Charlotty.

European Championships are held periodically every two years in the countries affiliated to the World Association of BBQ (barbecue). They aim is to promote the latest trends in this culinary art. This year for the first time (hopefully not the last) the championship were held in the Charlotte Valley. The President of the World Association of BBQ Patrick O'Sullivan said that the Valley was the perfect place for this type of events - great location, surroundings and people. The BBQ champions from all over Europe came to the Charlotte Valley. Under the supervision of the international jury, the chefs were preparing their spectacular dishes in different categories (national dish, freestyle, fish, pork shoulder, pork ribs, beef and dessert). Thirty Jurors evaluated the technique, taste and ingenuity of the chefs. Finally, the title of the European BBQ Champion was awarded to the Swedish BBQ Team from Sweden, second place went to the team Smoked BBQ Pioneers Team from Estonia, while the third place went to team Goli & Chef Partie from Austria.

This year at the European Championships in BBQ in the Charlotte Valley 24 national teams took a challenge. Each team consisted of four members, and they had 1 hour to prepare dishes for the jury.

On the first day all the teams presented themselves at the parade taking place in Ustka, during which, together with the flags of their country and their fans, the teams marched down the streets of the seaside resort. During the event the foreign music stars like Sandra and Jennifer Rush performed on the stage.

The Baltic salmon was the most popular competition. The experts emphasized the good quality of meat and a multitude of vitamins and minerals in this fish.

A team from Denmark - The Danish National BBQ Team turned out to be the Champion in preparing the salmon. The winners received a cup donated by the Union of the Baltic Cities, which was the culmination of effort put into the competition.

The organizers wish to continue the project in the coming years by offering cooperation to the Baltic cities and the common organization of the next competition under the auspices of UBC. The purpose of this event is to unite the countries of the Baltic Sea at a common grilling, exchange of professional experience and create a unique culinary show on a European scale focused on creating, and promoting dishes and fish products.

More information:  k.pedziwiatr@charlotta.pl

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