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Invitation to ‘City Plus. Smart Metropolis’ congress in Gdańsk

Dear Sir/Madam,

We would cordially like to invite you to the ‘City Plus. Smart Metropolis’ congress which will be held in Gdańsk on 21 st and 22 nd November 2013. The debates at the congress will be focused on four main themes, those being ‘space’, ’flows’, ‘governance’ and ‘energy’. These debates will be simultaneously translated into both English and Polish.

Due to the challenges and complexity involved with the smart metropolitan growth, I would kindly ask you to prepare a speech so that we may share both your knowledge and experiences. These will contribute to the participants being fully involved in the congress and these will make for a starting point for further discussions.

The congress will address all those involved in the process of creating and managing smart metropolis. These will include members of local and regional governments, scientists, urban planners and entrepreneurs. We also hope that the congress will be a platform for exchanging information, experiences and the challenges of smart metropolitan growth.

We are endeavoring with your help to find the answers to the questions of smart metropolitan growth and to debate how smart growth can be translated into practical solutions. We would also like to work out how to manage public services in areas that cross administrative boundaries. Lastly, it is our intention to find out how to improve the citizens’ quality of life and the economics of the region.

It will be our honour to host you in Gdańsk for the ‘City Plus. Smart Metropolis’ congress.

Wiesław Bielawski

Deputy Mayor of Gdańsk

More information at www.miastoplus.com.pl

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