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Kalmar International Environmental Award 2013

Kalmar International Environmental Award 2013

Dear Madam/Sir,

In connection with the annual Hanseatic Days, which will be held on June 13-16 in Herford, Germany, the City of Kalmar, Sweden, will present an International Environmental Award.

The amount of the award is SEK 100.000 and is administered in cooperation between the City of Kalmar and companies representing different business areas. This award is intended for individuals, enterprises or organizations showing courage, strength and that have new solutions for improving the environment in and around the Baltic Sea.

The award may be presented to individuals, enterprises or organizations that have contributed by:

innovative solutions showing sustainable improvements of the environment in and around the Baltic Sea

improvement of the management and utilization of the common resources of the Baltic Sea resulting in improved environment, e.g. through international cooperation or exchange of knowledge

strategies and practical solutions increasing the public awareness and knowledge on how everyone can contribute to improvements of the environment of the Baltic Sea.

An international Jury nominated by the Executive Committee of the City of Kalmar will select a winner who has contributed with improvements within the criteria of the award.

Deadline for applications are 15 March 2013. You will find more information about Kalmar International Environmental Award, how to apply and when as well as an application form on the web site of City of Kalmar: Kalmar International Environmental Award

We are now looking for a winner of the year 2013 and hope you will assist us and disseminate the information about the award in an appropriate way.

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Information SWE (180 KB)

Roger Kaliff                                                                                    Margita Ivholm

Chairman of the City Council                                                         Assistant, Department for Development
Chairman of the jury                                                                       and International Affairs
City of Kalmar                                                                                City of Kalmar
Mobile: +46 70 532 51 70                                                              Tel: +46 480 45 00 95, Mobile: +46 70 665 36 77
Email: roger.kaliff@kalmar.se                                                        Email: margita.ivholm@kalmar.se

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