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Research „Youngsters – Young Entrepreneurs?“

Research „Youngsters – Young Entrepreneurs?“

Union of the Baltic Cities Commission on Education in association with Kärdla Town Government, NGO Hiiumaa Ankur, Information and Counselling Centre „HUPS“, B7 Baltic Islands Network invites you to take part in research „Youngsters – Young Entrepreneurs“ in internet address http://ubc-youngentrepreneurs.blogspot.com/

This is Internet-based research, which will map young entrepreneurship activities in target locations and gathers information about potential youngsters who want to start with entrepreneurship.  We will search answer to question: What will hinder young peole to start with entrepreneurship: Are they not ready? Do they lack knowledge, experience, skills? Weak economical environment? Insufficient support or information?

Research will take part until May 9, 2012 in English, Estonian and Russian. Target group is youth in age 14 to 30. It is not important, whether they are active in entrepreneurship or not.

We ask You to spread information about this research in schools, youth centers, youth councils, entrepreneurship unions and among young entrepreneurs.  

Questions by Hergo Tasuja tasuja86@hotmail.com, contact person of the research or Annely Veevo Annely.Veevo@kardla.ee, Head of Secretariat, UBC Commission on Education.

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Annely Veevo
Communication and Project Manager
Kärdla Town Government
Head of Secretariat
UBC Commission on Education
Keskväljak 5a, Kärdla 92413 Estonia
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