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Dear UBC Friends,

Enclosed please find the invitation and programme of the seminar of the UBC Commission on Transportation, entitled: Urban nodes/functional urban areas in the Baltic Sea Region – opportunities and challenges. The meeting will be held in Gdynia (Poland) on 15-16th October 2012.

The deadline for sending registration forms is 28th September 2012 and they should be sent to the UBC Commission on Transportation Secretariat by e-mail to: ubctransport@gdynia.pl or by fax: +4858 668 82 10.

With best regards,

Andrzej Bien
UBC Commission on Transportation


Dear UBC Friends,

Announcement of the proposals for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on Union guidelines for the development of the Trans-European Transport Network (COM(2011)650EC, invites to discussion about the content and consequences of the new approach. For the first time the cities were indicated as important nodes of the future core network. The concept of “urban node”, referred in Article 3 of a/m proposals, is defined as follows:

“(o) “urban node” means an urban area where the transport infrastructure of the trans-European transport network is connected with other parts of that infrastructure and with the infrastructure for regional and local traffic”.

Such definition comprises numerous transport issues – determining its value as well as its social and economic impact. It concerns also hard infrastructure – like transport lines and terminals – both passenger and freight. It is confirmed, that the Baltic Sea Region is particularly sensitive and important – in terms of transport. Baltic Sea Region’s cities are stakeholders of all transport issues, mentioned in the EC Transport Policy.

Therefore, Union of the Baltic Cities should take part in the public consultations of EC proposals.

UBC Commission on Transportation is going to start up the dialogue between members of the Commission. We should involve also other relevant UBC Commissions, in order to prepare common contribution of UBC Executive Board transport policy considerations. Any other stakeholder organizations willing to support urban nodes issues are also welcome and invited, including the potential speakers.

In my opinion, the concept of “urban nodes” should be submitted at the nearest meeting of the Commission on Transportation, which is to be held in the city of Gdynia on 15-16 October.

I propose to focus the discussion on the subject: “Urban nodes in the Baltic Sea Region – challenges and chances”. Put this date into your calendars please.

We hope that our proposal will meet with your approval. We are open to any opinions and suggestions. If you think of any other vital issues that should be included in the programme – feel free to inform us about it.

With best regards,

Andrzej Bień


UBC Commission on Transportation

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