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Meeting of the UBC Commission on Health and Social Affairs

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Hereby we would like to invite representatives of UBC member cities to participate in open UBC Commission on Heath and Social Affairs meeting which will be held on 15-16 September 2011 in Elbląg under leading title:

„Seniors in the city”.

Issues connected with health and social well-being come within most important cities’ duties and senior citizens belong to most vulnerable socially groups.

In this connection we would like to discuss following questions:

- How can cities care about elderly people?

- How can cities counteract senior citizens’ exclusion?

- How can cities benefit from senior citizens?

For many years City of Elbląg has elaborated and implemented strategies in the form of consecutive programs aiming at meeting seniors’ needs and expectations to constantly improve quality of their lives.

Current „Elbląg program for elderly citizens for 2009 – 2013” distinguishes four interrelated domains covering social activity, health and social care together with change of the elderly people image in the society to guarantee safe future in our city for present as well as for future seniors.

Our vision is:

„The autumn of life does not have to be grey, it may be painted all colours of the rainbow.”

We would like to share this experience of elderly problems resolving. At the same time we are convinced that wealth of knowledge of our friends in UBC may significantly  influence quality and effectiveness of our work likewise. 

Thus Elbląg initiative provides perfect opportunity for sharing experience gathered by all our member cities for our inhabitants good.

Once again we warmly welcome all UBC members to actively participate in the event.

For organizational purposes we would recommend all interested in the event to declare participation no later than 31.07.2011.

For more information concerning event programme, the venue, or Elbląg strategy, please do not hesitate to contact me personally. 

Yours sincerely, 

Wojciech  Drozd
Chairman, UBC Commission on Health and Social Affairs
Elbląg, Poland
Tel. +48 502 059 147

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