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A new Task Force is being established within UBC structure.

In November 2009 Municipal Guard of Gdańsk distributed questionnaires on safety and public order issues amongst UBC members. 34 cities from Baltic Sea Region participated in the survey. The research has confirmed that public order and safety were main priorities for examined cities. Additionally, analysis of findings have showed that safety problems were common and affected all inhabitants of BSR.

The idea which appeared behind the survey was to work cooperatively, share knowledge in order to deal with above problems. Municipal Guard of Gdańsk invited all potentially interested BSR cities to start the process of turning the concept into real actions.
The meeting took place on 25-27 of March 2010. The conference was attended by representatives from nine cities: Botkyrka, Elbląg, Gdańsk, Nacka, Riga, Sopot, Tukums, Tallinn and Vilnius.

It was discussed and decided that a organizational framework was necessary. All participants agreed that establishing the Task Force within UBC structure must be the first step towards further corporation. Therefore the city representatives have signed the Letter of Intent which would be presented on the 58th UBC Executive Board meeting on 4-5 June in Trelleborg.

The Task Force would be cooperating in order to improve security services as well as assure the better safety standards and procedures for all BSR citizens. There was noticed that there were already some aspects which seems to be completely solved in some cities but still existing as the problem in others. Creating the Task Force allows not only to expand knowledge but also to gain and share experience. We hope that all our efforts could help to make BSR a safer and tidier place to live.
The first official Task Force Group meeting is planned on October this year.

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