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Meeting of the Inclusive and Healthy Cities Commission

Inclusive and Healthy Cities Commission

Annual meeting

18-20 May 2016, Trelleborg, Sweden

Dear Colleagues,

Please find enclosed the invitation to our annual meeting of the Inclusive and Healthy Cities Commission that will take place on the 18-20 May in Trelleborg, Sweden.

We will at this meeting continue with our theme Open Spaces, and in line with this visit a number of spaces to learn and reflect on what this brings to our cities and communities. We will also meet the people responsible for handling the influx of 4.600 unaccompanied minors during the autumn of 2015. Finally we have set of time to discuss how we plan and progress our work in the Commission in the coming years.

The meeting is open to all interested UBC members.

Please register by 2 May 2016 at the latest, to Ingrid.wall@trelleborg.se

If you have any questions regarding this arrangement please contact:

Lina: lina.wedin-hansson@trelleborg.se ( Chair of the Commission 2016)
Ingrid: Ingrid.wall@trelleborg.se (Responsible for communications and arrangements for this event)
Jenny: Jenny.skantze-nyberg@trelleborg.se (Arrangements for this event)
Jarek: J.Jozefczyk@mopsgdynia.pl (Vice chair of the commission, chair 2015)


Kind regards

Jenny Skantze Nyberg
Municipality of Trelleborg


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