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Meeting Point Urban Magma and UBC Sustainable Cities Commission conference

How a successful international business cluster can develop within cleantech for sustainable cities
Malmö, 18–19 March 2015

“At Meeting Point Urban Magma, we predict an eruption of innovative raw energy. We believe creative people and solutions are fired up and ready to propel the region into a centre of excellence for Sustainable Cities. We tell you what we believe is required by the city’s technical systems – in a future we can’t predict but can imagine – and how we can achieve it through increased collaboration among different actors.  

We suppose:

-that a resource-efficient, circular economy can be achieved through industrial symbiosis
-that the supply temperature of district heating can be reduced by 15 degrees in 15 years
-that our most valuable natural resource, water, will be included in a closed system without losses
-that the fertilizer of the future is produced in the home
-that ecosystem services to reduce the effects of severe weather are soon commonplace.

If You are thinking about above mentioned tasks, You should join the Conference!” encourages Björn Grönholm - Head of Secretariat, Commission on Sustainable Cities

The conference is arranged by Urban Magma, the City of Malmö, E-harbours, Union of the Baltic Cities – Commission on Sustainable Cities, and Sustainable Business Hub.


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Back to Back with the Urban Magma Conference there will be held the first meeting of the UBC Commission on Sustainable Cities

On Thursday 19 March from 16.15 – 17.30 and Friday 20 March  from 09.00 – 12.30 the Commission meeting will discuss and develop upcoming activities of the Commission and also further develop the UBC Sustainability Action Programme 2015 – 2020.

The organisers hope to have city representatives with concrete ideas and requests on how we shall continue our successful UBC work in the upcoming years. There will be discuss both what themes and topics are important and also elaborate what kind of cooperation is efficient and most useful for our UBC member cities. UBC and the UBC member cities have been frontrunners in many fields and the current EU funding period gives the cities a good possibility to even more develop our practices. In order to have a good UBC Sustainability Action Programme for our common work it is needed to develop it together.

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