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Rockskallen 2015
Rockskallen is an award instituted by Gotland All kinds and is awarded each year to one or a few who have done something extra for the music scene on the island.
CONTACT: www.rockskallen.se/
31 January 2015
Idrottsgala 2015
Welcome to this year's Sports Fest! Welcome to a gala evening of entertainment, gala dinner and sports prize, dance, after party and much much more!
CONTACT: www.wisbystrand.se/eng
7 February 2015
Hela Gotland Dansar!
Great dance party at Wisby Strand.Last year's success will come back to Wisby Strand in March!
CONTACT: www.gotland.net/hela-gotland-dansar-6-mar-2015
7 - 8 March 2015
Midsummer celebration
Traditional Midsummer celebration on Paviljongsplan in Visby
CONTACT: http://www.gotland.se/
19 June 2015
Bergman Week
Bergman Week is a 7 day celebration of Ingmar Bergman’s art, with films, guests, seminars and tours.
CONTACT: www.bergmancenter.se/bergmanveckan
22-28 June 2015
Love's Labour's Lost
One of Shakespear’s earliest work.
26 June-18 August 2015
Almedalsveckan - Politician Week
Politician week that has become a tradition here in Sweden and Visby for a long time.
CONTACT: www.almedalsveckan.se
28 June-7 July 2015
Stångaspelen - Stånga Games
Traditional games from Gotland.
CONTACT: www.stangaspelen.com
8-12 July 2015
Gotland Chamber Music Festival
Pianist Staffan Scheja invites outstanding artists from Sweden and the rest of the world.
CONTACT: www.gotlandchamber.se
20-24 July 2015
The Medieval Week on Gotland
Experience one of Sweden’s biggest historic festivals, with medieval music, theatre, markets, crafts, tournaments, lectures and courses.
CONTACT: www.medeltidsveckan.se
2-9 August 2015
Crimetime Gotland
Crimetime Gotland new crime fiction festival.
CONTACT: www.crimetimegotland.se
13-16 August 2015
Gotland Art Week
Gotland Art Week.
CONTACT: www.gotlandartweek.se
16-23 August 2015
Visby Festival
The only singer-songwriterfestival in Sweden!
CONTACT: www.visbyfestival.se
21-23 August 2015
Visby Day/Culture in the Night
Visby Day/Culture in the Night.
CONTACT: www.visbydagen.se
3 October 2015
Wisby Mascarade
The Wisby Masquerade has grown to become one of Swedens most amazing theme parties.
CONTACT: www.wisbymaskeraden.se
9-11 October 2015
Gotland Grand National
World’s biggest Enduro Competition, Tofta, Gotland.
23-24 October 2015
Gotland Pride
Gotland Pride wants to contribute to a more open and diverse Gotland for all.
CONTACT: www.gotlandpride.se
10-15 November 2015
Christmas Market
Gotland’s biggest Christmas Market.
CONTACT: www.hushallningssallskapet.se
20-22 November 2015
Medieval Christmas
Medieval Christmas.
CONTACT: www.medeltidsveckan.se
11-13 December 2015
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