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The New City Hall in Gdańsk
The Anthem of the Union of the Baltic Cities
UBC Task Force on Youth Employment and Well-Being
The Växjö Conference
National arena where universities, board of schools and the education department participates. This year questions about the school, the education, the research and the challenges will be discussed.
CONTACT: www.vaxjokonferensen.se
28-29 January 2016
Culture Night
Associations, institutions, galleries, churches, organisations and others participate in this event. One can find almost everything happening during this traditional festival. All evening and almost all night long.
CONTACT: www.vaxjo.se
30 January 2016
Växjö Gospel Party
It is the seventh year Växjö has its own Gospel party. This year guest artist is Patrice E Turner from New York. The choir is composed of people from Växjö that likes to sing.
CONTACT: www2.vaxjo-co.se/sv/evenemanget/a795062/vaxjo-gospelfest-2015/detaljer?page=2&search=s%3D20150105&filter=a%3D155-1011
7 February 2016
Växjö Senior 2016
Organised in 7 cities. This event will provide ideas on ways to facilitate the daily life of senior citizens. The event will inspire people to make healthy choices in the everyday life as well as show opportunities and options that will light up their day.
CONTACT: www.seniorevent.se/
18-19 February 2016
Career day where companies participates and present their selves for the university students.
CONTACT: www.amar.nu/index.php
3 March 2016
Earth Week 2016
In broad collaboration with universities, companies and organizations working for the municipality to offer a broad program with many activities that attract and interest our residents, business owners, organizations and others to participate.
CONTACT: www.vaxjo.se/earthweek
14-19 March 2016
Växjö Pride
Växjö PRIDE invites to events, shows and venues in Växjö to highlight, expose, manifest and process LGBT issues.
CONTACT: www.vaxjocity.se/vaxjo-pride/
9 -15 May 2016
City in Spring
City in Spring is an annual festival where you can discover Växjös culture in the best spring colours with open markets and street entertainments.
CONTACT: www.vaxjo-co.se
28-29 March 2016
Karl-Oskar Days
Karl-Oskar days - two days of a popular regional festival for the whole family. Many concerts, dance, funfair and music in the town.
CONTACT: www.vaxjocity.se/karl-oskar-dagarna/
12-13 August 2016
MAT2016 Food Festival
Food market 2016. Enjoy food from all around the region! Växjö has been nominated Swedens food capital 2016.
CONTACT: www.matsmaland.se
15-17 September 2016
Musikmilen 2016
This is the second time this 10 km marathon takes place in Växjö. The people will run around the two principal lakes in the city center with stops where live music will sound.
CONTACT: www.musikmilen.se
24 September 2016
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