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Guitars - The Museum
Umeå brothers Samuel and Michael Åhdén holds one of the world's finest privately owned collection of guitars.
CONTACT: www.guitarsthemuseum.com
Umeå snow-sculpting championships
The highly imaginative snow sculptures along Rådhusesplanaden have become an extremely popular tradition. Working on a set theme, participating teams turn a snow cube into a sculpture.
CONTACT: www.visitumea.se
6 - 7 February 2015
Umeå’s folk music festival has its roots in the folk-centred festivals of the 1970s. With concerts, dancing and workshops, it is the winter’s largest folk music event. Since 1986, it has been held at Umeå Folkets Hus (Umeå’scivic centre).
CONTACT: www.umefolk.umeafolkmusik.se
19 – 22 February 2015
House of Metal
House of Metal is a two-day indoor festival focusing on various genres of metal music.
CONTACT: www.houseofmetal.se
27 - 28 February 2015
Sámi Week
Throughout Sámi week, the city is full of music, dance, theatre, exhibitions and talks revolving around and showcasing Sámi culture.
CONTACT: www.samiskaveckan.se
28 February – 8 March 2015
International literature festival
Littfest in Umeå is the largest literature festival in northern Sweden. Via seminars, presentations, exhibitions and performances, new forms are sought for exchanges between writers, publishers, critics, researchers and readers.
CONTACT: www.littfest.se
12 - 14 March 2015
The MADE festival
MADE is an annual performing arts festival that offers an astounding mix of different forms of art and expression. It brings together high-caliber international performers and artists.
CONTACT: www.madefestivalen.se
13 March – 21 November 2015
Umeå Open Grand Slam 2015
This year’s edition of Umeå Open is a part of Grand Slam 2015, a project that aims to establish Umeå as one of the world’s leading and most vibrant music capitals.
CONTACT: www.umeaopen.se
25 – 28 March 2015
Umeå Culture Night
With hundreds of acts in and around the city centre, this is Umeå’s largest, regularly held cultural event. Throughout Culture Night, visitors cannot help but be drawn into the meetings and experiences prompted by exhibitions, performances, artistes and events all around the city. Entry is free.
CONTACT: www.kulturnatta.com
May 2015
International Tango Festival
You can take the opportunity to watch world-class tango demonstrations at Västerbotten museum, Umeå Folkets hus and other venues around the city.
CONTACT: www2.visitumea.se/en/event/a525956/international-tango-festival/showdetails?page=4&search=s%3D20150205
25 - 28 June 2015
Umeå Football Festival
One of Sweden’s largest international football tournament with around 900 matches.
CONTACT: www.umeafotbollsfestival.com
23 - 26 July 2015
Holmön Song Festival
Swedish artistes and many local singers perform in the idyllic setting provided by this song festival. The festival’s vision is to also give lesser known names an opportunity to show off their singing talents.
CONTACT: www.visfestivalen.nu
24 - 26 July 2015
Farmers market
Enjoy the fantastic supply of local delicacies! Here you can buy vegetable, cheese, honey, bread, mushroom and a whole lot more.
CONTACT: www.bondensegen.com
15 August - 26 September 2015
Umeå Smakfestival - Food is culture
This festival is a presentation of various actors who is connected to food. The festival has a scene in the town centre with various program.
CONTACT: www2.visitumea.se/en/event/a541942/umea-smakfestival-food-is-culture/showdetails?page=5&search=s%3D20150205
10 - 13 September 2015
Umeå Jazz festival
Artistic innovation is the hallmark of Umeå Jazz festival. Since its start in 1968, it has developed into one of the most important platforms for live music in Swedish jazz.
CONTACT: www.umeajazzfestival.se
21 - 25 October 2015
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