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Exhibition - Brutus Östling
He calls his photographs portraits of birds with an attitude. During the weekends of January his photos will be on display at the Axel Ebbe gallery.
CONTACT: www.trelleborg.se
10 January - 1 February 2015
Exhibition – Kirsten Hennix
Exhibition – Kirsten Hennix – Bird, fish and in-between. An exhibition of colourful, playful and quirky prints on velvet.
CONTACT: www.trelleborg.se/sv/uppleva-gora/kultur/trelleborg-museum
24 January - 22 March 2015
Exhibition – Anna Rochegova
Anna Rochegova uses different techniques, mainly painting in oil but also does prints among other things.
CONTACT: www.trelleborg.se
7 February - 1 March 2015
Exhibition – Anders A
Anders A is an artist that works in different techniques and material, combining materials, photos and computer graphics in neon colours.
CONTACT: www.trelleborg.se
11 April - 3 May 2015
Concert – Glenn Miller Orchestra Scandinavia
The music that united the world – 70 years since the armistice and the music that united the allied is still being played.
CONTACT: www2.nortic.se
18 April 2015
Valborg at the Viking Fortress Trelleborgen
Old Swedish tradition to greet spring, celebration with fire show and bonfire.
CONTACT: www.soderslatt.com
30 April 2015
Southcoast run – Trelleborg half marathon
Running next to the Baltic, along the coast, this is a sunny and windy challenge.
CONTACT: www.sydkustloppet.se/wp/
3 May 2015
The Battle of Trelleborgen
Vikings from whole Europe gather in Trelleborg for fighting and trading. Viking market with a real Viking wedding, traders, battles between Vikings, food, children's activities and much more.
CONTACT: www.soderslatt.com/en
3 - 5 July 2015
Gislöv Market Fair
Gislöv Market Fair. Food and fun can be found at Gislövs fair. Come and enjoy a market fair just by the sea with salesmen and carousels.
CONTACT: www.soderslatt.com
31 July - 2 August 2015
The Palm Tree Festival
Trelleborg's biggest festival. Musical entertainment and good food in the City Park and in the large Festival tents. Market stands along the streets, spinning funfair with exciting carousels, stalls and raffles.
27 - 29 August 2015
Hat museum
Hat museum – The Borgquist Hat Museum is a crafts museum that shows how a local hat factory functioned in the last century. The museum is based around an actual hat factory started in 1866.
CONTACT: www.trelleborg.se/sv/aktuellt/evenemangskalender/evenemang/borgquistska-hattmuseet-oppet-for-allmanheten
Maritime museum
The most southern maritime museum in Sweden displays the maritime past and present of the ariea. In different areas there are displays about fishing, smaller boatengines, nautical instruments, stevedoring, shipping, freight and ferry services.
CONTACT: www.trelleborgssjofartsmuseum.se/
Saturday - Sunday
The old and new church of Trelleborg
An Exhibition of Pictures and models of the old and current S:t Nicolai.
CONTACT: www.trelleborg.se
Monday - Friday
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