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Malmö open 2015
One of the world’s biggest handicap sport events. 14 different sports and more than 2500 participants.
CONTACT: www.malmo-open.com
6 - 7 February 2015
The 32nd BUFF Filmfestival in Malmö
The 32nd BUFF Filmfestival in Malmö. BUFF strives to open the possibilities for more influences from Europe and the rest of the world by showing films that might never be screened otherwise.
CONTACT: www.buff.se
9 - 14 March 2015
Ladies World Championship in Ice hockey 2015
Ladies World Championship in Ice hockey 2015.
CONTACT: http://www.swehockey.se/
28 March - 4 April 2015
Malmö Garden Show 2015
29-31 of May 2015, its once again time for the City of Parks to show of an inspiring green beautiful and creative series of Exhibition gardens and Balcony installations in the fantastic ”Slottsträdgården”.
CONTACT: http://malmo.se/Kultur--fritid/Idrott--fritid/Evenemang/Malmo-Garden-Show.html
29 - 31 May 2015
Inauguration of Kvarteret Malmö Live 2015
Inauguration of Kvarteret Malmö Live 2015
CONTACT: http://malmolive.se/en
4 June 2015
Malmö City Horse Show & Pony EM
International Eventing in the City of Malmö. Some of the best riders in Europe compete in dressage, cross country and show jumping. Malmö City Horse Show 2015 July 25- August 3 & Pony EM August 5-9
CONTACT: http://malmo.se/Kultur--fritid/Idrott--fritid/Evenemang/Malmo-City-Horse-Show/In-English.html
25 July - 3 August, 5 - 9 August 2015
The Malmö Festival 2015
The Malmo Festival - a warm, friendly and sustainable festival and I have taken the city of Malmö for a wild dance one week every year since 1985. Right in the heart of the city you will experience everything from ground breaking art, music and culture to a variety of food that reflects the intercultural vibes and people of Malmo.
CONTACT: www.malmofestivalen.se
14-21 August 2015
Malmö Midnight Run
Malmö is arranging the first midnight run. Join the fun and festivities in the spirit of exercise and sports.
CONTACT: www.midnattsloppet.com
5 September 2015
The Gallery Night
The Gallery night returns ones more with open art and cultural institutions, exiting exhibitions and performances. The event is always free for visitors.
CONTACT: www.konstframjandet.org
26 September 2015
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