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Ice Music: Frosty Nights
On 16th and 17th of January step into the concert hall, a gigantic cosmic igloo. Ice Music is a celebration of the winter spirit of Swedish Lapland – a new art form where the musicians play on instruments made of ice – ICEstruments. Sounds unbelievable, but its happening.
CONTACT: www.icemusic.se/in-english/
16 January - 28 March 2015
An evening with the folk music, more comprehensive than ever. Approximately 60 participating musicians, dancers and a choir, which performs music from Mediterranean countries, beautiful, spiritual sounds with folk roots...
CONTACT: http://www.kulturenshus.com/toppmeny/program/evenemang/evenemang/midvinterfolk.5.7c7c0fe014935ac3fb47aa.html
31 January 2015
First Aid Kit
First Aid Kits career is a success story, from Myspace demos and a YouTube cover to sold-out tours around the world and tributes from all sides. With its beautiful and strong country-folk have First Aid Kit managed to create completely timeless music.
CONTACT: www.kulturenshus.com/toppmeny/program.4.2430a6aa11e7a1c0c348000767.html
12 February 2015
Romeo and Juliet
The Russian ballet comes back to the House of culture in Luleå and sets up the famous ballet Romeo and Juliet. The ballet is based on William Shakespeare's play - perhaps the world's most famous love story - which premiered in London in 1595. The music of Sergei Prokofiev (1938).
CONTACT: www.kulturenshus.com/toppmeny/program/evenemang/evenemang/romeoochjulia.5.38f19d5014815491582441.html
16 February 2015
Luleå on Ice
The family day on the ice in the Northern harbor. Enjoy the beautiful live music, ice driving, husky sledge adventure, curling, dance performance, food and grill and much more.
CONTACT: nataliia.tochylenkova@lulea.se
7 March 2015
Luleå Pride
Luleå Pride is the most north hbtq-festival in Sweden. 2015 is the fourth year of the festival and it will take place in Stadsparken in the central part of Luleå.
CONTACT: www.luleapride.se
12 - 14 June 2015
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