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Tomas Ledin - Summer Tour in Linköping
TOMAS LEDIN - Summer Tour in Linköping
CONTACT: www.arenabolaget.se/en/evenemang/tomas-ledin-1
11 July 2015
NärCon Summer 2015
NärCon is something unique and special: A gaming and cosplay festival! This summer we’re breaking all records and counting on building an amazing festival, bigger and better than ever before.
CONTACT: www.2015.narcon.se/en/
23-26 July 2015
Linköping Stadsfest
One of Sweden's oldest towns, Linköping shows its younger side during its annual Stadsfest, or city festival.The three-day event is held throughout the centre.
CONTACT: www.linkopingsstadsfest.se
August 2015
Winning Ground
Winning Ground was the motto of the Women's Championship in 2013 and lives on in Linköping.
CONTACT: www.winningground.se/
8-9 August 2015
Ulf Lundell
Ulf Lundell is celebrating 40 years as a performer and embarks on a major summer tour that will end in Linköping August 29.
CONTACT: www.arenabolaget.se/evenemang/ulf-lundell
29 August 2015
A challenge that tests your limits! Run between the Swedish cities Linköping and Norrköping.
CONTACT: www.ostgotamaran.se/en/
6 September 2015
Linköping Canoe Marathon
Linköping Canoe Marathon - a canoe races for all!
CONTACT: www.kanotmaraton.nu/index.html
19 September 2015
Linköping is the host city for Musikhjälpen 2015. A 6-day live broadcast will be made from a glass cage on Stora Torget, the main square.
CONTACT: www.arenabolaget.se/evenemang/musikhjaelpen-2015
13-19 December 2015
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