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Easter Music Festival RESURREXIT
It is one of the oldest festival in Lithuania, distinguished for an extraordinary abundance of foreign and Lithuanian performers.
CONTACT: www.polifonija.lt
April 2015
13th Media Art Festival ENTER
The festival will present contemporary video art, photography, electrical music, sound, art forms and their synthesis with the traditional art.
CONTACT: galerija@splius.lt, www.siauliugalerija.lt
April 2015
Int. Choir Festival Šiauliai Cantat 2015
The choir festival will bring together choirs from Lithuania and abroad. The concerts will take place in the city churches and other cultural establishments.
CONTACT: kulturoscentras@gmail.com; www.siauliukulturoscentras.lt
May 2015
6th International Folk Contest Festival
It is perhaps the only event of such kind in the Baltic region. Folk performers, singers, dancers, musicians from all over the world and Lithuania - you all are awaited in Šiauliai. For six days, the festival's concerts, get-togethers, presentations of folklore from various countries, fairs of folk artists and craftsmen will take place in Šiauliai region.
CONTACT: www.saulesziedas.su.lt
5-12 July 2015
Chaimas Frenkelis Villa Festival
Chaimas Frenkelis Villa Summer Festival. Outstanding artists, music virtuosos from Lithuania and foreign countries participate at the festival.
CONTACT: www.ausrosmuziejus.lt
July - August 2015
City Festivity Šiauliai City Days 2015
The city will celebrate its 779th anniversary. Different exhibitions, concerts, art workshops and fairs will be held at the festivity.
CONTACT: www.siauliai.lt
September 2015
6th Big Band Festival Šiauliai 2015
It is an excellent initiative to brings together big bands from Lithuania and abroad as well to restore and continue the big band music traditions in the city.
CONTACT: www.saule.lt
September 2015
20th Multi-Sectoral Exhibition
20th Multi-Sectoral International Exhibition. It is annual international trade and achievement exhibition where companies offer services, the newest products and business solutions, also find and strengthen their contacts with existing, new and potential clients, local and foreign companies.
CONTACT: www.rumai.lt
November 2015
20th Contemporary Art Festival VIRUS
It is a digital technology, art, virtual subcultures and informational society research laboratory where the projects, seminars, sounds of electronic music and digital images of young artists convey the essential tendencies of modern art and culture.
CONTACT: www.siauliugalerija.lt
November - December 2015
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