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UBC Task Force on Youth Employment and Well-Being
“We Are the World, We Are the Children”, Festival
This traditional children’s festival involves the best children and youth bands and teams from the whole Lithuania to present their new performances. City of Garzdai birthday is the most popular event in the whole district. During celebration town is filled with guests from other Lithuanian cities and countries.
CONTACT: www.gargzdukc.lt
5 June 2015
„Grew Up in Lithuania“
Traditional Folk Festival „Grew Up in Lithuania“. The main folk festival in the whole Klaipeda district gathering folk ensembles from all over Lithuania and neighboring countries.
CONTACT: www.gargzdukc.lt
27 June 2015
Traditional Midsummer day Festival
Traditional midsummer day festival (Joninės) reveals unique and interesting ethnic heritage of Lithuania regions (dialects, customs, crafts, culinary heritage).
CONTACT: www.gargzdukc.lt
June 2015
Bicycle Route 2015
Cycle route is a summer season event. It is an all day long trip with bicycles which main idea is to visit and collect all marked checkpoints all over the Klaipeda district.
CONTACT: www.klaipedadistrict.lt
June – July 2015
Traditional Fishermen Festival
Traditional Fishermen Festival “On the Edge of the Lagoon”. Traditional fishermen festival is held in Dreverna village. Festival’s guests can participate in the theatrical festival’s opening ceremony, “Amber Reed” awards to honour active local inhabitants.
CONTACT: www.gargzdukc.lt
4 July 2015
Celebration of the Independence Day
Celebration of the Independence Day “One Family – One Nation“. Guests are invited to join the celebration with national costumes. Visitors will be entertained by a lot of folk ensembles.
CONTACT: www.gargzdukc.lt
6 July 2015
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