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Lighthouse Ablaze
The New Year in Warnemünde kicks off with a spectacular New Year's surprise. "Lighthouse ablaze" is the name of this romantic show of lights, lasers, fireworks and live performances that attracts thousands of people.
CONTACT: www.leuchtturm-in-flammen.de
1 January 2015
Warnemünde Winter Fun
To sit in a beach basket with a view of the Baltic Sea and having some hot mulled wine: The 6th „Warnemünde Winter Fun“ will once again prove that a Baltic Sea holiday is also attractive at winter temperatures.
CONTACT: www.rostock.de
30 January – 1 February 2015
Easter Bonfire with a View of the Sea
Every year on Easter Saturday, tourists and holidaymakers climb the lighthouse to enjoy the panoramic view from above. The traditional highlight in the evening is the Easter bonfire right on the beach.
CONTACT: www.rostock.de
1-8 April 2015
797th birthday of the City
Every year the Hanseatic City of Rostock celebrates its anniversary of the city law confirmation. In the year 2015 it is exactly 797 years.
CONTACT: www.rostock.de
24 June 2015
78th Warnemünde Week
The 78th Warnemünde week promises top-class sailing in one of the world‘s most beautiful sailing areas. Every year, more than 2,000 regular sailors and surfers compete for world rankings in all Olympic boat classes.
CONTACT: www.warnemuender-woche.com
5–13 July 2015
25th Hanse Sail Rostock
Barques, brigs and schooners create a magical romantic atmosphere at Rostock’s quaysides during one of the greatest maritime festivals in the world.
CONTACT: www.hansesail.com
6-9 August 2015
The largest Christmas fair in the North
Rostock’s historic city centre shines in a blaze of lights. The largest Christmas market in the north of Germany invites visitors for a stroll from Neuer Markt to Kröpeliner Tor and down to the city harbour.
CONTACT: www.rostocker-weihnachtsmarkt.de
27 November - 22 December 2015
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