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Exhibition „Two Men one Sea“
The Pomeranian State Museum shows works of the two German painters Hermann Max Pechstein and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff. Both were members of the artist group “Die Brücke”.
CONTACT: www.pommersches-landesmuseum.de
29 March – 28 June 2015
Festival Nordic Sound
Every year with the beginning of May the culture festival "Nordischer Klang" transforms the city of Greifswald into a smörgåsbord for North European events. Music, literature, exhibitions and films invite the visitors on a cultural journey from Reykjavík to Helsinki.
CONTACT: www.nordischer-klang.de
1–10 May 2015
The scene of the historical ruins of the monastery Eldena invites visitors to a monastic-medieval market. Old crafts are shown and children as well as adults can felt, make candles or try to write calligraphy’s. It is a place to have a picnic or to stroll while feeling the old times and to taste local food.
CONTACT: www.greifswald.de/klostermarkt
13–14 June 2015
The legendary and most famous German rock band from the former GDR goes on its last tour - the Puhdys. The rock band was founded in 1969 and gives a concert with well-known old songs and new songs. It will be the last opportunity to experience the Puhdys live on stage.
CONTACT: www.hnm.de
13 June 2015
Greifswalder Dragon boot Festival
At this weekend the river Ryck in Greifswald is sowed with dragon boats. About 60 teams fight against each other to win the 250 meters races and the 1300 meters race. Besides professional racing teams there are also teams of companies and laymen. It is always a big adventure.
CONTACT: www.greifen-drachen.de
20-21 June 2015
Fête de la musique
The longest day of the year is celebrated with music all over the town. Several local bands and bands from abroad come to Greifswald and transform the city into a colorful and swinging place.
CONTACT: www.fete-greifswald.de
21 June 2015
69th Greifswald Week of Bach
The work of Johann Sebastian Bach is the main motive of this festival of classical music. Since 1946 the festival has attracted more than half a million visitors to more than 1500 events. In 2015 “king music” is the theme of the festival: The lord as king of the people of Israel.
CONTACT: www.greifswalder-bachwoche.de
15-21 June 2015
Days of Wolfgang Koeppen
The German author Wolfgang Koeppen was born 1906 in Greifswald and is one of the most famous authors of post-war literature. Every year the Koeppenhouse celebrates his birthday with a literature festival that addresses topics and issues out of the life of Wolfgang Koeppen.
CONTACT: www.koeppenhaus.de
18 June – 02 July 2015
35th Jazz Evenings of Eldena
The monastery ruins of Eldena form an impressive scenery for one of the oldest jazz festivals in the North. German and international jazz musicians present contemporary jazz.
CONTACT: www.eldenaer-jazz-evenings.de
3-4 July 2015
Fisher festival – "Gaffelrigg"
Artists, showmen, trader, sportsmen, associations and many others shape the 3-day long festival at the river Ryck. The highlights are the so-called “Gaffelrigg” – a parade of old traditional ships.
CONTACT: www.greifswald.de
17–19 July 2015
Festival „A Day with Caspar David Friedrich“
The Day of Caspar David Friedrich invites visitors to get to know the period of Romanticism, a time when Friedrich lives, more closely by e.g. visiting original places where the artist lived and worked as well as by different events and activities which make visitors perceive the world through the eyes of the painters.
CONTACT: www.stadtmarketing-greifswald.de
29 August 2015
13th Greifswald Night of Culture
The night of culture is the podium for manifold cultural activities taking place in Greifswald every year. More than 30 organizers open their doors and offer a wide variety to make the night walk through the city centre of Greifswald a special experience.
CONTACT: www.greifswald.de/kulturnacht
11 September 2015
A festival of puppet theatre for the young and the old presents different sectors of performing arts. A fabulous and marvelous world expects the audience.
CONTACT: www.kulturzentrum.greifswald.de
19–20 September 2015
Every year in November Greifswald immerses deeply into the fascinating world of Polish culture. For the 17th time the Polish culture festival will invite authors, musical acts and performers, who will make you forget the usual November dreariness.
CONTACT: www.polenmarkt-greifswald.de
19–28 November 2015
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